Grad-Soft  .

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GradSoft: Program for Source Code connection. (SourceConnection)

We offer:

  • Access to the repository of source texts and project documentation;
  • Right for the documents use inside of the organization, according to the license agreement conditions;
  • If required own string for changes introduction.

There are the following packages on offer:

Grad and companion software
(includes source codes and subsystem components needed for its compilation and installation)

  • Connection fee: $1200
  • Annual servicing fee: $1200

Jungle components pack
(includes a set of architecture and business components for the next billing platform version)

  • Connection fee: $1200
  • Annual servicing fee: $1200

TermWare Java Tools pack:
(includes TermWare and instrumental support tools for Java developments including JPE (partial evaluator for Java) and full version of JavaChecker).

  • Connection fee: free
  • Annual servicing fee: $200

Access and re-connection procedure:

To gain access one annual servicing fee has to be paid. The access shall be discontinued after one year since the last payment. After the receipt of the access renewal payment, the access shall be renewed for another year without any additional payments. This payment covers: the version control system support and system access via Internet, and does not cover consultations on the use and development of the source code provided.


1. I need only the backup archive data for our billing system source code. Can you provide it?

- You can get an access to the versions control system and copy it yourself.

2. Id like to make changes to the system, which would be accessible for me only and no one else.

- General practice is to add into the shared system an interface for interaction with the exetrnal module and implement the private functionality in your own module.

3. . Id like to release my own product which is a combination of your and my developments. Am I allowed to distribute it?

- It depend on the package. Please contact us to discuss the details.

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