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Nowadays Web-site is not just an advertising feature, but essential business attribute. More and more people use Internet to find out the address of a company or to order some services.

Web-hosting is the service to host your Web-site on our server and to provide its functioning. (Virtual web-server physically is allocated on the computer that works 24 hours a day and is directly connected to high-speed Internet channels. You can renew information (load, move, remove obsolete files) remotely, connecting to Internet via modem through the telephone line or through the dedicated channel. Straight after loading new information becomes available to all users of world net.)

Web-hosting offered by our company is not just server allocation for Web-site, it's:

  • direct connection to Internet back-bon;
  • automatic data backup;
  • periodical automatic checking of your web-site reliability.

And also additional services:

Working together with us you can be sure that services quality is on the level of the most modern technological standards.

Technical information.

  1. Main hosting - server is located in the PFTS - First Securities Trading System 's. Data Center and connected to Internet trough high-speed channel. Has direct connection with UA-IX (Ukrainian traffic exchange point; that is servers are well available from Ukraine)
  2. Standard software set:
    • OS - FreeBSD-stable.
    • WWW server - Apache-2.0.
    • Data Bases - InterBase, MySQL, by customer's request - Oracle.
  3. Features that customers can use:
    • Script-languages - Tcl, Perl, Python, Php.
    • Three-level applications - CASL-1.0, Java Servlets.
  4. It's possible to add other execution container and cgi-scripts with required audit.
  5. GradSoft ASP suite.
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