Grad-Soft Technology Provider.

For clients

Application hosting

  • ASP service.
  • We can offer rent of the finished applications:
  1. Web Store is a web application for internet commerce.
  2. Mailing Lists Organization System. With the help of Mailing List you can
    • inform customers about new products or services of your company;
    • deliver price-lists;
    • hold debates;
    • support your products.

    All the mail is being checked by DrWeb antivirus.

  3. Web-Mail: You can get an e-mail address and access your email from any place that has Internet connection. And the fact that the service is chargeable guarantees it's quality and reliability. All the mail is being checked by antivirus software.
  4. Web/Ftp: You can exchange files with your partners through our server, it's much cheaper and more convenient than to use e-mail.
  5. Wiki: Content-Management system together with notes recording (anyone, who has access to the system, can edit all records). The system, based on simple and brilliant idea, fits the knowledge organization systems or web-sites with information contents.
  6. GradFlow: You can manage business processes using the task management system, which allows you:
    • to assign tasks to the employees and control their execution;
    • to obtain actual information about working state at any stage;
    • to raise task execution accuracy and to reduce administration time;
    • to widen analysis possibilities.

    It's indispensable for the management of business processes of the company.

  7. InfoBase: Software to present documents in the Intra/Extra net.
  8. News (only for customers of our hosting-center)
  9. Site indexation (only for customers of our hosting-center)
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