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Consulting and Professional Services.

One of the ways to raise quality and at the same time to reduce costs of your business IT- infrastructure is to use GradSoft consulting and professional services.

Why it is necessary to use professional services: many of IT-operations, for instance, like drawing up of requirements specification, software package design, primary application server setup are concerned with relatively rare events of business life. Therefore staff members of the IT department are not always able to accomplish such tasks, unlike employees of specialized professional organizations, such as our company. On the other hand, professional services use finally is cheaper - risk of errors is lower and moreover you pay for certain problem solving and not the permanent, independent of working load, salary.

From our point of view, consulting and professional services are kind of training and working in one. It looks like training, for it's concerned with transfer of experience, and it is a job, for it's concerned with completion of a certain project.

We offer next kinds of professional services:

  1. Software development design providing, including:
    • Requirements specifications co-formulating.
    • Software development itself.
    • Embedding and staff training organization.
  2. Technological consulting in the area of
    • distributed applications.
    • database systems.
    • content-management systems for the Web.
    • Unix-like operational systems.
  3. Technical audit.
  4. Technical infrastructure accompaniment.

In addition we offer not just consulting but also

  • possibility to rent our infrastructure for Internet-services allocation.
  • possibility to use our project support facilities from configuration support system till change - request processing system.
  • possibility to use our typical products.
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