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CASL - Cbroker Application Server Library

CASL represents extensive object model of classes, which has everything necessary to work out final server applications for Web, using ModCBroker.

That is you can simply use CASL instead of implementing system level model by yourself.

Architecture of applications compatible with ModCBroker includes one or several www servers, built on ModCBroker, on one side; one or several data sources (UAKGQuery or ODBC), on other side, common naming and transaction server.

You organize set of your applications using CASL components, which give such services as:

  - Session management.
  - Multithreading management.
  - Web pages generation of XML templates.
  - High level detect support of incomming variable forms.
  - Automatic servlet registration services.
  - Organization of logging.
  - Transaction management.

As a result we get distributed post-J2EE architecture of Web applications, based on C++ API.

Documentation set:
General descriptionrus:[html] [pdf], eng:[html] [pdf]
Programmer Guiderus:[html] [pdf], eng:[html] [pdf]
Administration Guiderus:[html] [pdf], eng:[html] [pdf]
Release Notesrus:[html] [pdf], eng:[html] [pdf]
Licencerus:[html], eng:[html]

Supported platforms:

  • OS: UNIX (Sun Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD) or Windows NT
  • ORB: TAO, OmniORB, ORBacus
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