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BS "Grad"

ASR (or billing system - BS) “Grad” – this is firmware complex intended for the Internet services provider.

ASR “Grad” makes it possible to keep automatic registration and tariffication of the following services, given to the abonent:

  • Dial-up internet access through TfOP and networks ISDN;
  • Leased line access
  • VoIP services.
  • Download of files.

Architectural features of BS make it possible to adapt it for the application in other fields, where tariffication of services according to the temporary or quantitative characteristics is possible.

There are stored, in BS memory, not only tariffs and services information, but also data about signed contracts and payment history database. These data help to control payment process and to authorize so called subscribers activation/deactivation. As a result, system doesn't allow people, which didn't pay to use Internet services. Permission for starting or continuation of user's connection session is given depending on availability of money on user's account in current time period.

Russian and Ukrainian versions of BS are supported

Complex purpose:

  • To keep registration and tariffication of using Internet services by Internet users
  • To keep registration of users incoming and of forming personal accounts
  • To keep automatic registration of ISP operator-partner incoming and of forming personal accounts
  • To keep automatic control of payments and authorization. The question about rendering of services is automatically determined by state of user's account.
  • To make automatic forming and sending payment documents
  • To make automatic warning of users about personal account limitation via e-mail
  • To keep registration of users belonging to different sale divisions
  • To form statistic reports and graphes
  • Automatic identification of the users’ access rights.
  • Access maintenance for users to their statistics via Web

See also The main functional capabilities of BS.

DB service: Oracle – 9.02

Complex structure:

  • Major components:
    • BillingServer: major module, business logic and Web interface server
  • Data registration utilities
    • PCAPCollector: for data, generated by access devices based on UNIX
    • SquidCollector: for data, generated on proxy server
    • SNMPCollector: for data, generated by SNMP RMON 2 devices
    • RadiusCollector: for data, generated by Radius server
    • NetFlowCollector: for data, generated on Cisco NetFlow
  • Authorization utilities:
    • authorization for pam-compatible services
    • SquidAccessChecker: external authorization for proxy servers
    • CheckAccess: User’s authorization module, invoke from scripts
  • Miscellany:
    • BillingSDK: SDK for users’ modules creation
  • Support utilities:
    • UAKGQueryService: CORBA service for database access.
    • nsd: CORBA Naming Service
    • ModCBroker : WWW front-end for CORBA application.
    • CORBA event service

Version BS "Grad-R" was developed specially for Russia conjointly with NTR Lab.
10.12.2003 BS "Grad-R" taken the Certificate of Conformance by NTR Lab.

NTRLab carries out action of acquisition on preferential terms BS Grad for Russian Federation organizations with user number less then 1500 subscriber.


Billing Systems for ISP - the main tendencies (overview of BS "GRAD-2.0" ) (rus) by R. Shevchenko, GradSoft Ltd.

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